I know you aren’t going to believe this, but I am a woman of simple tastes. I run my own company, which means I make many important decisions including perhaps what is the most intoxicating, I approve all office supply purchases. So, there isn’t a pen, pad or sticky note that I couldn’t deem essential for our office, and let’s be real, as a self-proclaimed office supply junkie, in my book they’re all essential! I even help design them as part of our client, Nate’s, line at Target. And yet, all I ever want is a good ol’fashioned clicker pen. Sure, I’ve flirted with fine tipped sharpies and pilot precision roller balls, but who hasn’t had that experimental phase in college after too many drinks at the bar. The point is, it didn’t stick. I’ve only ever had eyes for my first true love. I even went as far as to build a mental database of the restaurants and hotels that use clicker pens so that I could steal them. For the record, my faves were always Cafe Habana in New York, The Peninsula in Chicago and The Beverly Hills Hotel in LA.  But then, just before I relocated to Los Angeles from New York City, I got down to my last “donated” clicker pen. I felt a sudden panic. I had to pack. I couldn’t take time to go steal pens, especially when I had an assistant who would make any of my Staples dreams come true. How could I justify this behavior? And that’s when it dawned on me…I had an assistant, a very capable assistant, one who could make anything happen. So, I careened into work, like Kramer on Seinfeld, acting nearly as crazy and explained to Megan, my then everything, how essential it was that she make my clicker pen dreams come true. As was her normal nature, she said absolutely and resisted any outward urge to roll her eyes and acknowledge my obvious craziness. By noon that day we had 300 all moxie clicker pens on order. No, let me correct that, we had what would be 300 of MY VERY OWN clicker pens on tap. When they arrived, it was like Christmas morning and Megan was some sort of magic elf…which because she’s tough as nails and southern and knows how to shoot a gun, I would like to retract that description immediately. Point is, I was elated and each day when I pass this batch of pens I am reminded that in life and in office supplies it is often the simple things that bring us the most happiness.

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  1. Love the way you write. I can feel your passion for office supplies ooze over into my computer. I was a bit concerned about your quest to rampage NY for pens via your employee only to continue reading and realize it resulted in your own personal supply of special pens with your own logo. Priceless!

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